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    The text chapter 14 door of the disciples ..


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    The text chapter 14 door of the disciples ..

    Messaggio Da yiqianchi il Dom Lug 17, 2011 10:16 am

    [url=]buy shoes supra[/url] "Today thanks to the death Jiao v is drawing" saved my life, this picture, what exactly is the secret? Is a magic weapon of what level?" Party cold on the bed, take out the death Jiao v picture of keep watching the. That screen, or dark hazy, a like dragon like snake Jiao, creeping in at the death of the river, obscure and secrecy, show the mysterious taste. But in addition to the mysterious, is a common outside of the painting. "Well, I fix for the advanced, the more know the way of uniting the some things, again to study this picture." Party to take up the graph."Well?" At this time, he found the pictures seemed to grow and used to have a different place. The dark hazy, with the light color of the evening death river, seem to have what things swimming. Party cold hurriedly carefully read the past, found the picture of the nether world swimming things, actually is a by black smoke, it is composed of ferocious face the day after yourself and the word "crane fairy seven evil spirit smoke" day Wolf.
    [url=]adidas water grip[/url] That was the picture of the seal in death of the river. "Isn't this the Jiao v, death figure", can collect any magic weapon?" And again, it for the party but can not free that face, from death in the picture out of the river. "This picture, although, I can't use, but can protect my soul, but can also, later all with me." To find a rope, party this picture, cold as close-fitting underwear, bound in the body, as if a abdomen wraps up like wearing, this just complete set her heart, go to sleep.
    Wake up and have already arrived at midnight, a night sky dim, was silent.
    [url=]buy supra shoes[/url] From this Angle mountain, purple, and no electricity peaks play, but party tried to the border of the power of cold, for time special sharp. A turn up, and after washing gargle, and he stood on the mountainside a piece of the cliffs above, practiced for a trip to the fist, up and down, in the face of the rise and fall below the abyss, a bit does not think much of that.
    [url=]supra skytops[/url] This is he of uniting the courage, in the edge of the cliff, acrobatics in * *, mental exercise of high tension, the whole body take up, more robust. Originally, he precipice, and some in the legs and needles, but god, but after riding crane felt a layer, nerve increase heart, seems [url=]Women supra vaiders[/url] to be more than a layer "brave". It is because there is this kind of feeling, he decided today to, once again, a breakthrough uniting. All flesh, exercise to the fifth heavy state power, is a heavy after watershed. Many masters, even family disciple, stay forever in the power of the state, and can't break through at all. Because the state, there is something inside contain, need to get a brainwave, begin to understand of understanding. The back of the state, "breath",
    "inside the breath of the zhuang" inside, "extraordinarily brave" of the "brave", the "spirit", psychic god of change "change", are not words but meanings of things.
    [url=]christian louboutin men[/url] The more enough breakthrough "divine power" state, are strange, or talent is very good luck.
    Can say, broke through the "power", can have qualification shakotan coast, or who pursue all don't talk. Today seems to realize that what the party. A trip to boxing tried down stood on the side after, feel breath boiling, he hurriedly stood still, breathing breath in the mouth, continuously with them in and out, like "rice wash the vegetables" general.
    This is a breath of uniting, called the "naughty" law, not the meaning of the naughty, but rice,
    [url=]supra skytop iii[/url] gold rush, the waste gas, sweep, a new gas, and are gone all the meaning. This is "seven-star boxing" in, BaiHai zen teach practice. Loud splash, loud splash, GuDuDu
    [url=]Discount supras[/url] A cold atmosphere, like bubbles, in their throat, lung, tao tao muttered, breath in the form, keep churning, breathing drive the blood, blood pressure in the heart, body strength, was breathing affects. Suddenly, the whole people between the party into the territory of ecstasy, his body stood on the side, ramshackle at any time, seems to be the wind down, but he doesn't the whole person, entered into a new stage.
    [url=]nike gladiator sandals[/url] The whole body blood impurities, in this constant naughty in, like digg go, "beginning see gold" sweep!!!!Finally, one breath tao has come to an end. PuChi!!!!! Party from his mouth than a cold crane fairy also keep ringing voice. Systemic bones and muscles, internal organs, like a lot of compact again, at the same time his ears, very clear up, have any trouble, immediately alert, could be compared to go out of the mice.
    [url=]cheap supra shoes[/url] This is all flesh is heavy "6" state, the whole body flavor extremely sensitive reaction, more flexible, internal organs start, concise, the strong flesh and blood impurities, refining, are gone all was gradually. Party cold feel that you have boundless energy, and at the same time feel seems to clear the "look" of the heart, the deep to, "the nine MEDALS on the" opening elixir sends out a powerful impetus. At the same time, his slight try command about their heart, immediately the heart slightly stopped beating and the strike "nine" hidden opening elixir deeper efficacy of spread, stop.
    This time, no one can see that, his heart core, hidden deep in a gold miracle. With that, he can hide deeper. "Who?" At this time, the party will feel cold, slightly behind the report, he is very sensitive, ears, eyes all eight side, a little happens, have touch will should be.
    [url=]supra shoes[/url] This turned around and found a woman, white, just like dragon temple fairy, and it is a month FangQing retreat of the snow.
    "To break through the power of state, tried to the sixth floor of the state, and the breath, are all very good. Talent have the potential, like children, are rare in a verification tothesixth floor. What's your name?" FangQing snow looked at party cold, asked."Originally, not remember me? The slave party. It is a cold months ago, miss big surrounded the spirit beast instructions." Party happy with slight movement, hurriedly in the word.
    [url=]buy supra shoes[/url]"The cold? Well? I seem to have the impression, you are the occasionally had only one cornerof the slave?" FangQing snow for thinking a while, as if written up. Party cold said had only one Angle, that is the FangQing cheat the snow. He is truly got nine opening, but FangQing snow like elixir will not scanning these ordinary things. Party feeling cold, only that powers the ace of shakotan coast, can make FangQing memory deep snow, the rest of things, all without leaving marks.

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